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The new Coast Guard SafeTrx App monitors your boat journeys and alerts emergency contacts should you fail to return on time.

Coast Guard SafeTrx is a Smartphone App for both Android & Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) that allows you to have your journey recorded and monitored by the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

Directly from your smartphone you can enter your journey details and set off knowing that should you not return by the time given, our response team will be alerted and initiate appropriate action.

Since SafeTrx periodically sends your location data back to our servers our response team will be able to ensure help gets directly to you, and quickly.

Watch the SafeTrx Introduction Video –  click here.


Key Features

Boaters Website

The boaters website ( allows you to update your personal details (email, address, etc), your vessel details, emergency contacts, checklists and even review your trip history (you can even share access with family and friends so they can monitor your trip live 24x7). Being accessible via your web browser on your computer it can sometimes be easier than trying to edit this information on a smartphone.

Trip Types

SafeTrx has two Trip types that you get to choose from when starting a SateTrx trip.

"Sail Plan" trips allow you to specify an ETA and have your trip monitored by the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard 24x7 every day of the year. Should you not return by your ETA then Coast Guard will initiate formal Search and Rescue procedures. Don't stress though, these procedures start with checking your location and giving you a phone call. However if it becomes apparent that you may be in danger then escalation procedures kick in to ensure help gets to you quickly.

Note that when a vessel becomes overdue the SafeTrx team follow the protocols set out in the Australian Search and Rescue manual and management of the operation is immediately passed to the SAR authority responsible for search and rescue in the area in which you are operating.

"Track Only" trips still record your trip on the handset (and to your trip history on the boaters website) and allow you to review and replay it later. Unlike "sail plan" trips, no ETA is provided and Coast Guard do not monitor your trip. "Track Only" trips are great for learning how to use the SafeTrx App and seeing what is capable of. They are also great for other activities such as yacht racing events where you want to review your route and speeds for each leg afterwards (or even during) but don't require to be monitored by Coast Guard as the event has its own safety measures in place. If you share access to the boaters website with your family or friends then they can still monitor your your trip and location live even when in "track only" mode.

Assistance button

Boaters have the ability to quickly activate a "distress call" or a "request for assistance" directly from the SafeTrx App simply by pressing and holding anywhere on the screen for several seconds until the emergency/assistance call options screen appears. From here you can choose to make an emergency call to 000 or to request assistance from the nearest Coast Guard base (or other Marine Rescue) base.

In both cases SafeTrx automatically sends your latest location information to the SafeTrx Monitoring Console so SafeTrx response team has the latest information. Details of your current location, speed & heading also appear on your phones screen for quick access should you select an emergency call to allow you to easily pass this information on to the emergency 000 operator.

For non-urgent situations you can select the "request for assistance" option and our response team will contact the Coast Guard base or other Marine Rescue base nearest to you, provide them with the relevant location and contact details and arrange for them to make contact with you.

Personalised Checklists

Create your own personalised checklist of items and include as part of your Sail Plan:

  • Choose from a list of items in the boater website to create your own personalised pre-departure checklist.
  • When preparing your Sail Plan on the SafeTrx app, tick off your personalised checklist before departing.
  • Create printable checklists to prepare for winter storage or the beginning of the sailing season.

Trip Playback

SafeTrx stores 20 trips in its Mobile Logbook. The boater can re-live any of these stored trips using the video playback feature within the logbook.

  • After ending a trip, the SafeTrx app gives boaters the option to playback and analyse the recorded trip.
  • The playback screen animates their track displaying top speed, average speed and distance travelled.

Remember you can always call the SafeTrx monitoring team on 03-9598-7003 should you be late and not be able to end your trip in the normal manner via the App (eg your battery went flat). This number is displayed within the SafeTrx App.

It is often a good idea to Setup and start your trip before leaving home to minimise the number of things you need to do at the boat ramp.

SafeTrx can be downloaded from:

Download from Google Play (Click Here)
Download from App Store (Click Here)
Visit SafeTrx Internationally
1. Download the app
2. Register your boat and emergency contact details
3. Enter trip details and ETA. Tap 'Set Sail'
4. Arrive at destination, tap 'End Trip'
To avoid a false alert, ensure that you end your trip on arrival of your destination or extend the trip ETA time.

The information and functions provided by the AVCG in this application are provided on the understanding that users exercise their own skill and care with respect to their use. Safety at sea is a serious consideration. In emergency circumstances, you should not rely on the information and functions provided in this application, but seek information and assistance from as many sources as possible. This application may provide you with information and assistance relevant to your current locations, as determined by the mobile device that you are using. However, the devices and the telecommunications systems that support them are inherently unreliable and there is a risk that there will be no connectivity between your mobile device and global positioning systems. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted connectivity between your mobile device and global positioning systems. You assume all risk associated with using this application.

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