The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Keppel Sands is staffed entirely by volunteers providing radio monitoring and a marine search and rescue service. In addition to some State Government funding, we raise our funds from interested members of the public including our Marine Assist Contributors, major sponsors and fund raising.



  • PWC – Limited Personal Water Craft (JetSkis; Kayaks; & Boats under 3 metres) an area bounded by Waterpark Point in the north, Keppel Islands in the east to Cape Keppel to Cattle Point – $50
  • LR – Limited Recreational (traditional membership level) an area bounded by Cape Manifold, Perforated Island, Barren and Hummocky Islands to Cape Capricorn – $70
  • OR – Open Recreational an area bounded by Island Head Creek in the north, North West Island and Masthead Island in the east to the southern end of Curtis Island – $105
  • ST – Short Term (i.e. up to 6 months) or ‘In Transit’ – PWC $33; LR $47;OR $70.


  • Unique identifying number, no longer required to provide a trip sheet provided you log on and off by radio.
  • Three free assist per year.
  • Additional assistance may be granted for mechanical breakdown outside of the owner’s control.
  • Weather forecasts on request.
  • 15% discount on Suncorp Boat insurance.
  • Discount on membership fee for regular raffle supporters.


Contributors may upgrade to another category at any time by paying a pro-rata fee.


  • Limited Small boat: an area bounded by Waterpark Point, Keppel Islands to Cape Keppel.
  • Limited Recreational: an area bounded by Cape Manifold, Perforated Island, Barren Island, Hummocky Island to Cape Capricorn.
  • Open Recreational: an area bounded by Island Head Creek, North West Island, Masthead Island to the southern end of Curtis Island.


Your contribution will apply to a single boat owner or joint owners for a specific vessel and is not transferable on change of ownership of the vessel. Contribution commences on lodgment of an application and payment of the chosen fee.


Coast Guard Yeppoon is an accredited training centre for Marine Radio. Marine Assist contributors may undertake a one-day training course and the examination to obtain a Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency. Marine radios do not require registration but VHF operators are required to hold a Certificate of Proficiency.


Marine Assist Contributors receive current weather forecasts on request, Breakdown assistance to safety, 15% discount on Suncorp boat insurance.


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Your personal details may be disclosed to other organisations only during your Search and Rescue operations.