Scattering of Ashes at Sea

Pic3The scattering of a loved ones ashes at sea is a deeply moving experience.

It can be another step towards closure or simply carrying out the last wishes of the deceased.

Coast Guard offer to make the scattering of ashes a memorable and satisfying experience.

Your may wish to say a few words as the ashes are scattered or Coast Guard can say a few on your behalf.

Our vessels can accommodate up to six mourners and a crew of four, cruising to selected locations.

Q    Can I have ashes scattered at sea?
A    Yes, this is another community service provided by Coast Guard.

Q    How many people can I take on the vessel to spread the ashes at sea?
A    We suggest around 6 people for most of our vessels.

Q    Will Coast Guard say a few appropriate words while the ashes are being scattered?
A    Yes, if so requested.

Q    Can I make a bequest in my will to benefit Coast Guard after my passing?
A    Yes, as Coast Guard is a largely self funded organisation any bequest or donation is greatly appreciated.

Q    How do I go about making a bequest?
A    Simply make your intentions clear to the executor of your will or to your solicitor.


Coast Guard Noosa (QF5) Memorial Wall

Pic1Coast Guard Noosa recently completed a mile stone with it’s Memorial Wall which is located at the Coast Guard Noosa base at Munna Point, Noosaville.

The Memorial Wall was built as a service to the local community entirely by Coast Guard Noosa volunteers with materials largely donated by local businesses and has now reached the mile stone of 100 memorial plaques or reserved sites sold in it’s first 6 months since being commissioned in June 2015. That is 10% of it’s capacity.

The official Blessing and Dedication of the Memorial Wall took place at 10.00am on Sunday the 14th of June 2015 and was attended by approximately 125 people including Councillor Bob Abbot who with the then Commander John Milland was instrumental in gaining council permission for the wall to be built.

Frequently asked questions regarding the Memorial Wall are:-

Q    Do I have to be a Coast Guard member?
A    No, absolutely anyone can have a plaque installed on the wall.

Q    Can I reserve a space on the wall for the future installation of a plaque?
A    Yes.

Pic2Q    What is the cost?
A    The cost for either a plaque supplied and affixed to the wall and the reservation of a site on the wall with the plaque to be supplied and affixed at the appropriate time is $1,200.00 inclusive of GST and perpetual maintenance of the plaque and the site.

Q    How do I go about arranging a plaque, reserved space or the scattering of ashes?
A    Telephone Coast Guard Noosa on 5474 3695.