avcg logo newsSafeTrx is pleased to announce the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society (Redningsselskapet) will be implementing the SafeTrx mobile vessel tracking solution.

The voluntary organisation, with approximately 1200 volunteers in 25 rescue stations across the country, will seek to use SafeTrx to help promote safe, responsible recreational boating in Norway’s coastal waters and inland navigable waters.

“The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society has decided to enter into a cooperation with several other sea rescue organisations around the world in implementing the SafeTrx safety app for boaters. The excellent technology and the tight cooperation with other sea rescue organisations is key for us moving forwards with SafeTrx” said Martin Fuhr Bolstad, CIO of Norwegian Sea Rescue Society.

The SafeTrx team will work closely with the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society in the coming months to establish the standard operating procedures and customise SafeTrx in accordance with the organisation’s existing protocols.