photo1 050514Four people were lucky to be rescued by a passing fishing boat after spending an hour clinging to a 6.2m boat approximately 3 miles off Port of Portland.

The group who were going Tuna fishing near Lawrence Rocks decided to turn back due to the weather conditions around 6am on Sunday 4th May 2014. Shorty after turning back the boat was lifted and flipped over by a very large wave, throwing all four people on board in the sea and overturning the boat. A passing fishing charter came across the four in the water clinging to their boat about an hour later. They were taken on board and returned to Portland safely.

Portland Coast Guard received a call from the charter vessel and the rescue vessel CG17 was activated to assist and retrieve the capsized vessel, which was a hazard to other boats in the popular fishing area. It took CG17 nearly 2 hours to tow the vessel back to Portland for recovery.

The Commander of Portland Coast Guard Michael Krouse said “Whilst the boat and crew where well equipped with VFH / 27meg radios, flares, and EPIRB, the sudden accident made it impossible to active any distress signal, which highlights the need to have a emergency plan in place prior to heading to sea.”

This was an early morning awakening after Coast Guard Portland celebrated its 10th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday night.

photo2 050514