33 200114At 1630 Wed 15 Jan 2014 Coast Guard Portland VF17 was contacted by Victoria Water Police to offer assistance to a cruise ship MV Silver Shadow on route from Hobart Tasmania to Kangaroo Island in South Australia, for a medivac when a passenger became ill and require hospital treatment.

Coast Guard co-ordinated the operation having crew at ready and Ambulance Victoria Paramedics on board Coast Guard Portland vessel Helen Handbury CG17, for a 2100 hour rendezvous 3 nautical miles off the Port of Portland with the cruise ship and ambulance awaiting at Coast Guard Portland berth.

Upon rendezvous with cruise ship paramedics boarded and prepared patient for transfer to CG17 for trip back to port and awaiting ambulance and Australia Customs officers.

Coast Guard Commander Michael Krause from Portland said “On completion of medivac at 2210 hours in was noted at debriefing, how well the operation was co-ordinated, with the Coast Guard Portland crew gaining valuable experience, also highlighting the difficulties should the weather and sea state been not so calm.”