safetrx-phone new2Australian waters just became a safer place to be. Today The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard would like to announce the arrival of the new Smartphone App – SafeTrx. It will save lives at sea. The App will run on Apple iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) and also on Android devices (Android phones & Android tablets).

The App is already in use in other countries after live trials and testing. The groups involved in the initial tests include sailors, divers, fishermen, powerboat users and pleasure-craft water users from every corner of Ireland. The groups were asked to test the App in a variety of situations, including diverse weather conditions and their feedback and experience was invaluable in the development of the App. Similar testing has been completed here in Australia.

The system will be 100% monitored by Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Volunteers 24/7 from our Victorian Communications Headquarters.

The National Commodore of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Ray Campbell said: "It's been a busy few months for the Coast Guard. There has been a range of high profile incidents on our seas, on our coastline and inland waterways in the last month alone. This new Smartphone App is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Its purpose is to further encourage anyone going out to sea whether it's for professional reasons, leisure or sport to let the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard know in advance. Getting to casualties early is the key for our search and rescue Units. This new SafeTrx App has the potential to get our resources on-scene as quickly as possible which will in turn save lives."

He continued: "The new App is very easy to use, it requires you to input trip details before heading out on the water and it will track your movement and trigger an alert if you have not returned as expected. While the primary focus of the Smartphone App SafeTrx is to increase the safety of our boating community, it can be used in other activities such as bushwalking and 4x4 driving therefore increasing the safety to the wider community."

In addition to the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, the Irish Coast Guard has also deployed the App.

Other Coast Guards around the world (Malta, Sweden, UK, Portugal & USA) also see the value in using this innovative technology and have expressed an interest in deploying the system in their jurisdictions.

This new technology is not being developed as an alternative to VHF radio or emergency beacons which are instrumental equipment to mariners, the SafeTrx App is an additional tool aimed to boost the already existing technology that assists in saving lives at sea.

For further information and interviews please contact the Coast Guard Media Unit on 0430 776 674 or 0419 882 343. For download details CLICK HERE.