8th April 2000
A Memorandum of Understanding between Australian Customs Service and the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard was formalised Commodore Gillett signed the MOU on behalf of the Association.. Representatives of the Australian Customs Service attending the National meeting were Phil Pariggio, Regional Manager; David Marshall, Chief Inspector; John Manion, National Co-ordinator; Peter Clarke, Community Participation Programs.

The Constitution, By-Laws and Members Guide are being re-written.
8th April 2000
Discussion ensued on the formation of an Australian Coast Guard if Labour Government were in office.
July 2000
SAF10 Port Vincent Coast Guard
Port Vincent is a small seaside town situated on the eastern shore of Yorke Peninsula 193kms west of Adelaide. In 1984, local resident Peter Wilkinson volunteered to take on the task of boat skipper in conjunction with the local Coast Guard Radio Base operator, later taking over the role of operator of the radio base. A Flotilla was formed to service the towns of Ardrossan (SAF9), Port Vincent and Stansbury (Oyster Bay). Because of logistical problems with travel, training etc. a new Flotilla. SAF10 was formed on 14th August 2000 with four members, two radio bases and the use of member’s boats to provide a mantel of safety for local and visiting boaties. The first elected Flotilla Commander was Peter Wilkinson, Vice Commander was Brent Wellington and Ken Osterstoack was appointed Staff Officer.

In November 2001 the State Board of the Association provided the Flotilla with a second-hand 5.4m Baron fiberglass runabout named “Albatross”.

With assistance from the District Council of Yorke Peninsula a suitable site was made available for their building. . Members immediately started fund raising to obtain their own building to house their equipment. Further assistance from the Government and Emergency Services enabled the building to be completed, the purchase of a new rescue vessel and funds were made available to purchase a suitable tow vehicle On 21st July 2001, the W.N. Henry Cup for “Most Improved Flotilla” was awarded to SAF10.

SAF10 Port Vincent became a fully chartered member of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard on 14th September 2001. . The Flotilla is now under the command of Commander Brent Wellington who in December 2003 was presented with a “Ministerial Commendation” for Meritorious Effort in developing the Port Vincent Coast Guard To celebrate the completion of the building and the arrival of the new rescue craft, a 7.4mClayton Gallant with Volvo Penta Diesel motor, named “Orontes Star” dedication ceremonies were held in Port Vincent on 5th March 2005. Deputy Mayor of Yorke Peninsula Mr. Ray Agnew, OAM, officially opened the facility. Mrs. Mary Kelsey, widow of a past member, named the vessel.
3rd November 2000
A meeting was held with the Australian Seaplane Pilots Association and a MOA was agreed to.
August 2000
QF26 Lake Tinaroo known as “Heaven’s Flotilla
Lake Tinaroo, a 14km drive from Atherton and an hour and a half drive from Cairns is the latest Flotilla to join the North Queensland Squadron.. The Lake is the highest Flotilla in Australia being some 2,300 feet above sea level.

Commander Bob Harvey and his wife Brunetta joined Coast Guard in 1990 and were founding members of QF16 Cooktown. In July 2000 they moved to Atherton and were approached by the Queensland State Council to do a feasibility study on the formation of a new Flotilla to operate on Lake Tinaroo. With strong support from the local community a public meeting was held in November 2000 with a view to signing up enough members to form a Flotilla, the initial sign up of fifteen (15) members being enough to form the Flotilla.

The Flotilla vessel, “Maxi Webb” a 5.4m centre console Stacer with a 50hp Yamaha and in 2d survey was transferred from Cooktown Flotilla and operates weekends, all public holidays and when required. Members travel regularly to Cairns for blue water training and operation training. QF26 Tinaroo joins Rockhampton, Lake Illawarra, Lake Epiloch and Hume Weir as Flotillas operating on inland waterways. Membership hovers around twenty (20) members. The Flotilla Charter signed by National Commodore Gillett and Commodore Millican was presented by National Commodore Gillett to Commander Harvey on 17th April 2004.
November 2000
The Coast Guard Conference 2001 was cancelled. New date was set for March 2002.

A motion was moved that the South Australian Group take whatever steps are necessary to amalgamate the activities of the Group with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association Inc forthwith.

The National Medal is now available for eligible members.

Commodore Graham Clarke received the ESM June 2000.
Captain Peter Fiddyment, National Magazine Editor granted Life Membership.
24th Feburary 2001
Date for the official opening and commissioning of TF1 Operations Building, Kettering.
28th April 2001
Development of a National Data Base is being undertaken by Queensland State Council.


Thursday Island Flotilla was taken over by VMR.

Commodore Gillett made application for 166 National Honours Medals and 37 Clasps.

The new Constitution was adopted. This is available on Internet.

The updated By-Laws and Members Guide were adopted. These are on the Internet.
22nd July 2001
South Australian Squadron named and commissioned a new patrol vessel “Eagle” CG05 in the presence of the Honourable Robert Brokenshire MP, JP, Minister for Police, Correctional Services and Emergency Service, Mrs. Brokenshire and Deputy National Commodore Tony Holmes. “Eagle is the first vessel ever to be purpose-built for the ACGA in South Australia It is a ‘David Young’ aluminium monohull, 6.8 metres in length powered by 2 x 115hp Johnson Outboards and cost $130,000.00.
14th September 2001
State Training Commodore (NSW) Trish Gillett is the representative for Coast Guard at the Emergency Management Australia Conference. (E.M.A.).

Southern New South Wales is undergoing affiliation negotiations with the Jet Boat division of the Kiama Branch of the Surf Lifesaving Association.

The Squadron of the 4th District of the Philippines Coast Guard Association formed an alliance with the Victorian Squadron, similar to that of the Royal New Zealand Coast Guard and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Application for SAF8 Port Augusta and SAF10 Port Vincent were presented and granted.
October 2001
The Emergency Management Australia (EMA) a department of the Department of Defence held a joint Summit of Volunteers of the Emergency Services and Recovery Agencies in Canberra. The Summit voted to establish a “Peak Body” to represent the volunteers nationally. AEMVF was formed on 11th April 2002.

Commander John Jewell, NF9 Cairns was granted Life Membership of the Association.
26th April 2002
A repeater station has been installed on the mountains behind Lockhart River Community which will be monitored by the local Police Officers and will provide much better coverage north of Cooktown almost to the top. The licence has been granted by ACA.
27th April 2002
The date for the amalgamation of SA Squadron with the National Association is expected to be 1st January 2003. It was confirmed in the minutes dated 11th April 2003 that the South Australian Squadron be established.

SAF11 was formed.

Commodore Graham Clarke stood down as National Board Adviser.

George McBean, Central Queensland was granted Life Membership of the Association.
15th November 2002
Commodore Vince Williams, South Australia was granted Life Membership of the Association.
1st January 2003
South Australia amalgamated with the National Body.
1st July 2003
SAF 1, 2, 5 amalgamated.
10th August 2003
Memorandum of Understanding - Tasmanian Police, RVCP (Tasmania) and Tasmania Squadron.
6th September 2003
Port Kembla celebrated its 20th Anniversary.
13th September 2003
Second NATRAC (National Training Review and Advisory Committee).
23rd September 2003
National Marine Safety Council conference in Sydney. Commodore Gillett delivered a paper entitled “The Development of Professional Training of Volunteers in Marine Rescue”.
29th September 2003
AFAC (Australian Fire Authorities Council) meeting with ATO (Australian Tax Office) held in Melbourne.
11th October 2003
North Queensland Squadron advised that a proposal had been made to have two Squadrons formed in North Queensland.
11th October 2003
Captain M. O’Connor was appointed National Magazine Editor following the death of Captain Fiddyment.

Formation of a combined Unit with the SES at QF25 Seisia is being considered.
11th October 2003
Captain Dick Gandy, Master Mariner and author of one of the text books that is recommended for our Coast Guard Courses, “Australian Boating Manual” was appointed our new Honorary Commodore.

Two Workshops were held during the National Board meeting – Discipline Protocols chaired by NACO Gillett and Business Plan Towards 2007 (Vision Statement, Mission Statement and the Team).

Captain Con Laurie was appointed the Association Archivist.

Commodore Keith Garth, New South Wales was granted Life Membership of the Association.

Commander Keith Dowd QF1 Southport was granted Life Membership of the Association.
25th November 2003
Victorian Squadron signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Emergency Services.
December 2003
Commodore Neil Jones stood down form the position of National Training Commodore.

The National Training Review and Advisory Committee (NATRAC) was formed. Members of the Committee are DSCO P. Gillett, DSCO R. Tyler, STCO R. Hood and AC P. Smith.
16th April 2004
Election of Officers. Commodore Gillett was elected NACO. Commodore Holmes was elected DNACO.
M. McCombie was appointed NADCO. The first female National Training Commodore was appointed - NATCO Patricia Gillett.

The Administration and Accounting Handbook is now in two manuals. The Administration is covered by National Administration Orders and Finance is covered by the National Accounting Guide. Both manuals are By-Laws.

The Discipline Protocols document was accepted as a By-Law.

A salaried position for Alan Hopkins, Victorian Squadron, for a period of six months, fully funded by the Victorian State and Federal Governments involving the movement of Victorian Squadron into the Department of Emergency Services was ratified.
16th April 2004
A constitutional review committee was formed with SCO’s Vosti, Ryan and NADCO McCombie to review the constitution and report to the National Board.

QF26, Lake Tinaroo Flotilla was granted its Charter.

NATCO Patricia Gillett distributed copies of the NATRAC Report and an AEMVF National Employer Recognition Certificate to Board members

Commander Gus Kreffer, NF17 was granted Life Membership of the Association.
17th April 2004
Three Workshops were held – Recruitment, Retention and Recognition of members chaired by DNACO Holmes.

Future Directions chaired by NACO Gillett.
Leadership chaired by NADCO McCombie.
Details of results will be advised at the next National Board meeting.

Freer Parker, Adelaide was appointed Auditors of National Board Accounts. KPMG were appointed; Auditors to consolidate the Associations audits to an Association Consolidated Audit.

DSC Dalling, South Australia, was the first female Deputy Squadron Commodore to .sit at the Board table.

Life membership was awarded to Gus Kreffer, NF17 Iluka/Yamba.
Substantive Rank of Commander was awarded to Neil Jones QF19 Rockhampton, Len Franz QF17 Tin Can Bay and to Peter McNally, VF02 St. Kilda.
Distinguished Award for Training was awarded to Neil Jones, QF19 and to Robin Hood QF5 Noosa.
Alan J. Robb, VF9 Queensland was awarded Patrol Officer.

A milestone has been achieved with two ladies, (viz. NATCO Patricia Gillett and DSCO Cheryl Dalling ) sitting as voting members of the National Board for the first time in the Association’s History.
18th April 2004
Commissioning of vessel at Kingscliff by NACO Gillett.
30th April 2004
Tim Pascoe became South Australia’s first forty (40) year member. Tim did his PIC course on 30th April 1964 which was conducted by Bill Henry.
1st May 2004
Commissioning of vessel at Mooloolaba by NACO Gillett.
29th June 2004
Commissioning of vessel at St. Kilda by NACO Gillett.
2nd July 2004
Presentation of Charter to QF26 Tinaroo by NACO Gillett.
3rd July 2004
Commissioning of vessel at QF15 Innisfail by NACO Gillett.
13th August 2004
RVCP ceasing operations in Tasmania and closing its bases. The State Government would prefer to deal with one VMR unit and Coast Guard is the preferred unit.
21st August 2004
Commissioning of vessel at QF16 Cooktown by NACO Gillett.
19th September 2004
Commissioning of vessel at QF1 Southport by NACO Gillett.
31st October 2004
Commissioning of vessel at TF2 Swansea by NACO Gillett.
5th November 2004
New Radio Base opened at Dunalley (Lower East Coast) Tasmania.
5th November 2004
Charter was granted to SAF 11 Kangaroo Island.
5th November 2004
Charter was granted to TF2 Swansea.

Tasmania became a fully chartered Squadron. Commodore Peter Monty became the first Tasmania Squadron Commodore to have full voting rights on National Board.

A draft of the updated Accounting Guide was presented by NADCO McCombie

The National Board adopted the proposal that a common auditor be appointed to satisfy the requirements of providing a consolidated audit of the association’s affairs.

Seven new Flotillas were formed in Victoria – VF16 Warrnambool, VF17 Portland, VF18 Lakes Entrance, VF19 Port Albert, VF20 Port Welshpool, VF21 Marlo, VF22 Paynesville.

Integration of new Flotillas Portland and Warrnambool into Victorian Squadron and the joining of bases from Marlo, Lakes Entrance, Paynesville and Port Albert

VF16 Warrnambool was formed in early 2004 with 24 paid up members. Their headquarters is a derelict house, gratis by the local Council, renovated by the members and one room fitted out as a radio room.

VF17 Portland was instituted from the result of a number of Community meetings requiring a Rescue service with a larger vessel to cover the notorious Bass Strait. The Flotilla started with a 6 metre vessel loaned from the Squadron.
6th November 2004
The proposal to increase Capitation fees to $33.00.
VRA Affiliation
The Volunteer Rescue Association in N.S.W. was admitted as an Affiliated Organisation under Clause 74 of the AVCGA constitution. (To be approved by National Board at the next regular meeting).

Squadrons and Flotillas were asked to appoint an Historian to compile information for their respective units.

Two workshops were held – Protocol for a Paid Position for Coast Guard Members and a Policy on Associate Members.
7th November 2004
Life Membership was awarded to Percy John Lloyd QF14 and Bob Domotor QF11. Distinguished Service Awards to Ian Baker NF4 and Steve Stranks NF4; Meritorious Service Award to Jim Wickerson QF12.

Commodore Ryan advised that he is standing down as Commodore of Sunshine Coast Squadron.

Commodore Cowie resigned from the Association.

Commissioning of rescue vessel at NF4 Port Hacking by NACO Gillett
26th Feburary 2005
North Queensland Squadron held its 130th meeting at QF14 Ingham.
26th Feburary 2005
Commander (S) Percy Lloyd NM, DSA received Life Membership, the Associations highest national honour by Deputy National Commodore Tony Holmes.
5th April 2005
EMA meeting held in Canberra with 25 Coast Guard delegates present.
8th April 2005
The first time a meeting of National Board was held in Canberra at the Crown Plaza Hotel and hosted by the National Board.
8th April 2005
A momentous occasion when Commodore Ron Isaacs, VRA Chairman, New South Wales, was welcomed to the Board and asked to take his place at the Board table. The VRA affiliated with Coast Guard on 6th November 2004 and was accepted at this meeting.

The AVCGA Web site is to be further developed and upgraded. Captain Eriksen advised that Vice Captain Andrew Hunter (Vic) and Vice Captain Moya (Nth NSW) had been welcomed to the IT field

The first Consolidated Audit report was presented. By NADCO McCombie

CAPITATION FEES RAISED FROM $20 TO $30. A new By Law has been written.

Commodore Wilson, New South Wales State Council, was awarded Life Membership.
Distinguished Award, Administration to former SCO Terry Ryan.
Distinguished Award Operations to Marcus Grimblat, Andrew Robb, Darrin Pearce, Frank Egan, and Gary Tomlins of the Victorian Squadron for the development of their vessel tracking system.

Three presentations were given. MOB I-lert by Mr. John Smith, Sea Safe personal Location & Search ,Receiver by SCO Vosti and Vessel Tracking System by Commander (Sub) Grumblat and Commander Robb, Victorian Squadron.
18th June 2005
NF1 Port Jackson Flotilla had both rescue vessels commissioned and named at their Birkenhead Point Marina. National Commodore Chris Gillett commissioned the vessels and the State Member for Drummoyne, Angela D’Amore, named the vessels.

The vessels are 8m Marlin Broadbill catamarans - CG 011 “Garry Kiely” powered by two 120 hp Mercruiser diesels was named after a retired member who was responsible for raising many thousands of dollars for the Flotilla. CG 012 “Drummer” has two 150hp Honda outboards and carries the name which has been handed from boat to boat after the Flotilla’s first owned vessel. Both vessels are in NSW Maritime 2C survey.
1st August 2005
Members from Port Vincent Coast Guard together with Squadron Commodore Dalling and Training
Commodore Keith Dalling were privileged to be shown over HMAS Canberra and taken for a trip out of the Harbour. The trip came about when the Navy PR Officer saw an article in the press on SAF10 winning the Canberra Shield for the third consecutive year as the “Most Efficient Flotilla” in South Australia.
September 2005
Deputy National Commodore Tony Holmes produced the September 2005 “Coastguard” magazine.
13th November 2005
Commodores Yorston, Crighton and President Bill Carter VRA attended their first National Board meeting as voting members.

Work uniforms for vessel crews were adopted. Shirts in light blue or navy blue worn with navy blue shorts or trousers or skirts. A new ladies shirt has been approved.
A navy blue jacket has been added to the basic blue/white uniform for special/formal uniform occasions.

Additional internal honours and their associated ribbons were introduced to recognize operational hours of both on water and radio base service.

Substantive Rank is to be identified by wearing a different coloured name badge.

The SAROPS qualification is to be recognised by wearing the appropriate red circlet on hardboards and by wearing a new SAROPS patch.

Consideration is being given to re-introducing the Vessel Examination programme.

Honda Marine has been selected as the AVCGA sponsors in place of Yamaha.

A proposal from Telstra for a consolidated accounts system was accepted in principle.

The first Association Consolidated Audited Accounts will be submitted to the ACT Registrar General before 31st December 2005.

KPMG has been engaged as the Auditors for Association accounts for the year 2006.

NACO Gillett and NATCO Gillett attended the ILF conference in Pool, UK; the USC Aux and a National Conference in Orlando, Florida

Malcolm Wilson ESM JP was appointed National Captain for special projects and research.

Brian Hale from the Sunshine Coast was appointed National Captain as National Magazine Editor.

Substantive Rank of Flotilla Commander was granted to Lawrence Baker NF9, Mark Galloway NF3.
Ray Kelly SAF1, Ted McCarter QF11 and Harry Stibbard NF10 (posthumous).
Substantive Rank of Deputy Squadron Commodore granted to John Griffiths NF14.
Substantive Rank of National Captain granted to Albert Henwood SAF1.
Gold Award granted to Steve Fleming QF2.
13th November 2005
Life Membership was awarded to Keith Brooks, VF6.

Patrol Officer granted to David Dodds NF3, Peter Barrow VF8 and Tracy Atkinson VF8 Distinguished Award granted to John Aldridge, Sth. New South Wales.

Distinguished Association Award granted to Robert James, NSW and Bill Weatherhog, QF1.
7th Feburary 2006

Vale Captain Brenda Smith, National Stores Officer passed away.

9th Feburary 2006
A Memorandum of Understanding was entered into between the Tasmania Police (TASPOL) and the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association, Tasmanian Squadron.

The eight Flotillas in Tasmania are Kettering, Swansea, Devonport/Port Sorell, Hobart, Tamar, St. Helens, Ulverstone, Dodges Ferry.
21st April 2006
National Board meeting held in Adelaide at the Majestic Hotel.

DNACO Holmes presented his last report as deputy National Commodore to National Board.

The New South Wales Squadron, the founding Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association Squadron in New South Wales was issued with an amended Charter on 21st April 2006 and is now known as the Sydney Squadron. The NSW Squadron name was rendered inaccurate and inappropriate for the state once a second Squadron was formed in Southern NSW and a third Squadron was formed in Northern NSW. Commodore Robards is privileged to have the unique experience of being Commodore to both the historic NSW Squadron and the Sydney Squadron.

The International Life Boat Federation name has change to International Maritime Rescue Federation.

AVCGA Environmental Statement produced by NACO Gillett and DNACO Homes was adopted.
22nd April 2006
The Memorandum of Understanding agreement with Honda Australia and the AVCGA was signed.

Captain Peter Matthews was appointed National Stores Officer following the passing of Brenda Smith.

Chris Gillett was re-elected as National Commodore.

Tony Holmes was appointed to the position of National Board Adviser.

Captain Alan Morton (South Queensland Squadron) was appointed National Administration Commodore

Trish Gillett was re-appointed National Training Commodore.

NADCO Mark McCombie stood down from his position as Administration Commodore.

SCO’s David Morgan and Frank Millican are not standing for re-election as Commodores.

Substantive Rank of Commander was awarded to Brad Duck (QF9 Cairns) Robyn Bryant (QF15 Innisfail).
Substantive Rank of Commodore awarded to Ken Bromback (QF6 Mooloolaba).
Distinguished Awards were presented to SCO Morgan (NF17 Iluka) and FC. Brad Duck (QF9 Cairns).
Patrol Officer rating was granted to STC K. Dalling (SAF1) and DSC Bret Wellington (SAF1).

A copy of a proposed Offshore Tracking Sheet which is being used by the Northern New South Wales Squadron was distributed to the Board members for comment.

Flotillas which form the Victorian Squadron. VF1 Frankston, VF2 St Kilda, VF4 Hastings, VF5 Lake Eppalock, VF6 Safety Beach, VF7 Currum, VF8 Geelong, VF9 Queenscliff, VF10 Werribee, VF11 Lake Hume, VF12 Sandringham, VF15 Mallacoota, VF16 Warrnambool, VF17 Portland, VF18 Lakes Entrance, VF19 Port Albert, VF20 Port Welshpool, VF21 Marlo, VF22 Paynesville.

Richard Burgess was appointed co-0rdinator for the Gippsland area. VF18,19,20,21,22.

History of the National Training Orders and new NTO’s were introduced.
7th June 2006
Commodore Holmes distributed the Honda Marine – AVCGA National Policy and SOP’s.
Commander (Sub) Foster NF1 and his wife Jane Foster were awarded NSW Maritime Awards for Maritime Safety and Community
5th September 2006
Vale: Commodore Malcolm Wilson ESM JP, Life Member, passed away. Ministerial Statements from the Legislative Council are held in the Archive files.
September 2006
NACO Gillett and NBA Tony Holmes presented a paper on the “Future of Marine Radio” at the National Marine Safety Committee Conference.
6th November 2006
A major change took place in the Southern New South Wales Squadron. NF16 Bermagui became a RVCP unit and Wollongong RVCP unit became an AVCGA Flotilla. The vessel belonging to NF16 Bermagui was relocated to Wollongong Harbour for use by AVCGA Wollongong Flotilla.
17/19th November 2006
National Board meeting was held in Hobart, Tasmania for the second time, the last meeting being in 1994.

Mark McCombie, former NADCO was appointed Deputy National Commodore until the next elections.

Two new Squadron Commodores who were elected since the last National Board meeting were welcomed. Commodore Peter Campton, Northern New South Wales and Commodore Alan Seib, North Queensland.
This was the first meeting when all the National Attached Officers were in attendance – Captains Laurie, Archivist, Eriksen, National IT, Nikolich, Marketing/PR, Fraser, National Insurance, Moya, Webmaster. Hale, National Magazine.
A new National Stores Officer Don Young, from QF2 Brisbane was appointed, because of the resignation of P. Matthews.

KPMG, Honda, ACN Telco, presentations were given.

Charters were granted to TF4 Hobart, TF5 Tamar, TF6 ST. Helens, TF7 Ulverstone.

Charters were granted to VF15 Malacoota, (Specialist Radio Flotilla), VF19 Lakes Entrance, VF21 Port Arthur, VF22 Paynesville.

An agreement has been signed with Noorah Head Search and Rescue Boat Club and Terrigal Sea Rescue Service and the Sydney Squadron to commence the establishment of AVCGA Flotillas.
  • Life membership was awarded to Ron Tyler, QF17 Tin Can Bay.
  • Life membership was awarded to Bruce Bell, NF2 Botany Bay.
  • Life membership was awarded to Jon Colless, QF8, Townsville.
  • Substantive Rank of Squadron Commodore was granted to Frank Millican, QF8 Townsville.
  • Substantive Rank of Flotilla Commander was granted to Reg. Felhlaber, QF24 Thirsty Sound.
  • Substantive Rank of Squadron Commodore granted to David Morgan, NF17 Iluka/Yamba
  • Substantive Rank of Squadron Training Commodore granted to Kevin Thompson, NF10 Ballina
  • Distinguished Association Awards granted to Alf Nord, QF24; Thirsty Sound Commodore Don Lay QF6; Mooloolaba; Kingsley Fraser QF3.Redcliffe.
  • Distinguished Service Training Award granted to Glen McMahon NF2 Botany Bay.
  • Distinguished Service Operations Award granted to Keith Martin QF 21Sandy Straits.
  • Patrol Officer Ratings awarded to Bruce Corkhill SAF1, Ray Kelly SAF1 and Steve Stranks NF4
17/19th November 2006
New work uniform as displayed in the Corporate Marketing package produced by Capt. Nikolich was accepted.

SuperCharge Batteries Pty Ltd have agreed to sponsor AVCGA to the tune of $20,000 per year for the supply of batteries to all Flotillas for the next two years

All Coast Guard Officers are to use the Coast Guard email address.

The National Archives material is now available on the Coast Guard Website. A Photograph Gallery has also been included which will allow Flotillas to maintain their own photo album.
19th November 2006
Commissioning of TF1 vessel “Bendigo 1”by NACO Gillett.
3rd December 2006
QF19 Rockhampton launching of their new vessel and will be commissioned by NACO Gillett.
13th April 2007
National Board meeting was held in Melbourne at Ridges on the Hill.
14th April 2007
A Special General meeting was held on Saturday 14th April 2007 to consider changes to the Constitution and address technical anomalies between the Australian Volunteer Cdoast Guarde Association constitution and the Australian Incorporation Act.

Commodore Gillett provided a brief précis of Audit Options as discussed with NADCO Alan Morton who was unable to be present at the meeting.

A Honda presentation was given by Chris Nes, Manager for Victoria, South Australia and western Australia.

NBA Tony Holmes presented the Statistics for 2006 together with a comparison of the 2003, 2004, 2005 statistics.

NATCO Gillett presented an NTO update and distributed copies of NTO’s, By-Law 1.15 together with a CD to Board members.

A report on the establishment of the Victorian Radio Operators Repeater Network was given by Richard Burgess.

A discussion Workshop to try to standardise the Associate Member Scheme was held.. The meeting split into four groups, each group presenting their findings. The information will be collated and distributed to members.

NATCO Gillett presented a brief summary of the AEMVF survey held in Canberra April 2005

The Southern New South Wales Squadron changed its name to “Illawarra” Squadron.

Charter was granted to VF20 Port Welshpool

Captain Kingsley Fraser advised that he was standing down as Insurance Officer for the Association having held the position since 1996.

Major SAREX exercises funded by a grant from the National Emergency Volunteer Support Fund through Emergency Management Australia have commenced with North Queensland Squadron engaging in an intensive night and day operation with vessels from Cairns, Townsville, Tully, Ingham, Cardwell and SES members.

South Queensland Squadron held its SAREX exercises with vessels from Southport, Brisbane, Redcliffe Redland Bay and other emergency service agencies on 23rd March 2007.
The following Awards were granted. at the National Board Meeting 13th April 2007:
  • Association Distinguished Award to John Hay, QF5 Noosa.
  • Substantive Rank of Flotilla Commander to Lawrence Baker, NF9 Swansea.
  • Substantive Rank of Flotilla Commander to Richard Osborne, NF11, Port Stephens.
  • Substantive Rank of Squadron Commodore to Barry Semple, QF11 Yeppoon.
1st-3rd June 2007
Sunshine Coast Squadron, under the leadership of Commodore Don Lay held a successful SAREX with funding granted by Emergency Management Australia. The aim of the exercise was to give members of the AVCGA Sunshine Coast Squadron experience in Command and Control at all levels; Radio Operations; Search techniques; Recovery of personnel and objects at sea; Cooperation with other VMR and Emergency Service Organisations and Identify lessons to be learnt.
7th September 2007
NATRAC meeting held at Kingscliff Flotilla. Report given by NATCO Gillett.
16th November 2007
National Board meeting held at Ridges Bankstown, Sydney.

The Gippsland Squadron in Victoria was formed with Richard Burgess elected as Commodore. A State Council was also formed.
17th November 2007
Constitutional changes were accepted and were to be submitted to the Registrar General, ACT.

“Stabicraft” patrol vessel presentation given by Leon Johnson, Sales Manager Australia.
The following Awards were granted:
  • Association Distinguished Award to Ken Bromback QF6 and David Dixon QF21.
  • Substantive Rank- Commodore – to Terry Ryan QF4.
  • Substantive Rank – Commander – to David Dixon QF21.
  • Commodores Gold Award to Greg Winn QF4.
  • Life Membership Award to Marcus Grinblat VF1 and Ron Doyle NF8.
18th April 2008
National Board meeting was held at “Salt” Kingscliff. Northern New South Wales.

Sunseeker Yacht presentation given by Richard Cunningham. A mutual relationship was established between Coast Guard and Sunseeker Yachts.

Commodore (Sub) Terry Ryan, liaison officer with Telstra gave a presentation re Telstra Accounts.

Captain Milan Nikolich distributed a national Style Guide CD and a promotional DVD.
The following Awards were granted:
  • Commodore’s Gold Award to Bill Drochmann.
  • Substantive Rank Flotilla Commander to Helen Greaves QF16, Robert King QF13, Jean Brake VF1, Craig Watson VF7, Raoul Shermer VF6.
  • Distinguished Awards – Association to Captain Kris Eriksen NF3, Captain Brian Hale QF6.
  • Captain Milan Nikolich NF2, Captain Connie Laurie QF7.
  • Distinguished Awards – Administration to Captain Don Young QF2, Captain Brian Chu QF2, DNACO Mark McCombie QF9, NADCO Alan Morton QF2.
  • NATCO Trish Gillett NF3, Flotilla Commander (S) Helen Greaves QF16.
  • Distinguished Awards – Operation to Ray Wilkinson QF20, Kevin Prizeman QF20, Darryl Prizeman (QF20), William Drochmann QF20, Brian Sampson QF1.
The National Executive, NACO Chris Gillett, DNACO Mark McCombie, NADCO Alan Morton and NATCO Trish Gillett all stood down from their respective positions and tabled their last report. A copy of the report from NATCO Chris Gillett which was delivered to the National Board Mess Dinner at Kingscliff on 19th April 2008 appears as an attachment in the “Other Items of Interest section of the Archives.”

New By-Laws relating to electronic situations in the IT area presented by Captain Eriksen were accepted.

KPMG were appointed as National Auditors for the 2008 financial year.

Elections for the position of National Commodore and Deputy National Commodore were held.
Commodore Ray Campbell was elected National Commodore and Commodore Frank Robards was elected Deputy National Commodore. Commodore Chris Gillett duly swore in both the newly elected Officers and presented them with their Insignia of Rank.

Appointed Officers are Bob Mellor NATCO, Peter Smith NADCO, Alan Morton NABA, Captain IT Kris Eriksen, Captain National Magazine Brian Hale, Captain PR Milan Nikolich, Captain Minutes/Archivist Connie Laurie, Captain National Insurance Kingsley Fraser, Captain Admin Support Brian Chu.
June 2008
Deputy National Commodore Frank Robards commissioned NF7 Shellharbour Flotillas new rescue vessel “Shelly’s Rescue” at a special ceremony.
1st August 2008
Commodore Bill Carter became chair of the VMRC and the VMRC representative on the State Rescue Board.
20rh September 2008
On Sunday 21st September 2008 QF11 Yeppoon held the Naming and Commissioning Ceremony for “Gormans Removals Rescue” their primary rescue vessel a 10m Kevlar Cay powered by two 200hp Suzuki Outboards.
21st September 2008
QF24 Thirsty Sound held its official Commissioning Ceremony of “Thirsty Sound Rescue Two”, a Swift Rib inflatable fitted with a 140hp Suzuki Outboard motor. This vessel will be used to cover the waters that are too shallow for the Primary Rescue Vessel.
21st November 2008
The National Board meeting was held at Virginia Palms, Brisbane with Commodore Campbell conducting his first meeting as National Commodore. Twenty-one Board members and Thirty-two observers were in attendance.

National Commodore Campbell introduced a Delegation from the Philippines Coast Guard Auxiliary. Vice Admiral Edumzd Alvarez, rear Admiral Higinio (Buddy) Mendoza, Commodore Harold Wolfe, Commodore Matcher Prado and Commodore Pablo Ortega. At the formal dinner held on Saturday evening 22nd November 2008 a Memorandum of Intent was signed between the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association Inc and the Philippines Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Guest presentations were given by CEO Chris Hinch, Track Plus – a Seamless Global Tracking for Land, Sea and Air; Honda Motors, Suzuki Motors and Yamaha.

Coast Guard overalls were modified as a result of the Victoria Squadron entering into a partnership with the Country Fire Service.

The Constitution is to be amended to consider recent changes and to allow for State Governance.

Planning for Change - Maintaining and developing a strong relationship with similar local and International Organisations was agreed upon. A budget to cover International travel purposes was proposed.

An 11-meter tower was donated to QF23 Cardwell and is positioned at Port Hinchinbrook Marina Boat Ramp and will form the basis of a radio operating centre.

Country Fire Authority: The partnership between the Victoria Squadron and the Country Fire Authority has progressed well with all Flotillas in Victoria Squadron now being registered as CFA brigades.

The Victoria Squadron has purchased four Mitsubishi 4x4 Crew Cab trucks for tow vehicles with a 5th one on order.

The repeater network in South Australia has been expanded to include a repeater on Kangaroo Island.

SAF1 North Haven commissioned a 6.7metre Wescraft with twin 115hp motors named “Intrepid”.

SAF11 Kangaroo Island now has a 25ft Shark Cat (ex SA Water Police) and a 4 wheel drive Hino tow vehicle.
The following Awards were granted:
  • Life Membership granted to Chris Gillett, Sydney Squadron, Trish Gillett, Sydney Squadron.
  • Leigh Cunningham, South Queensland Squadron, Rosemary Hull, North Queensland Squadron, William Hull, North Queensland Squadron, Ian Short, South Australia Squadron.
  • Substantive Rank, National Commodore – Chris Gillett, Sydney Squadron.
  • Substantive Rank National Training Commodore – Trish Gillett, Sydney Squadron.
  • Substantive Rank Squadron Commodore – Ian Short, South Australia Squadron.
  • Substantive Rank Deputy Squadron Commodore – Alan Seib, North Queensland.
  • Substantive Rank Flotilla Commander Barry Cordwell, Victoria Squadron.
  • Gold Award – Colin Ward, and Vern Bunter South Queensland Squadron.
  • Distinguished Association Award – Alan Seib, North Queensland Squadron and Malcolm Olding, South Queensland Squadron.
  • Distinguished Administration Award – Marie O’Keefe, North Queensland Squadron and Kevin Body, Sunshine Coast Squadron.
3rd/5th April 2009
National Board meeting held at Ridges on Bell, Melbourne.
4th April 2009
Tax Office requirement for non profit organisations are required to take Risk Management action for Counter Terrorist Forces financing.

The New South Wales Government is moving rapidly to establish a new VMR organisation in New South Wales which will displace the three existing rescue groups. A facilitation group has been formed to deal with issues such as structure, constitution, administration etc. Until full disclosures from the Government of all major matters is made known, no commitment will be made.

Several presentations were made, viz. Mercury Motors, VHF/DSC Training CD by NATCO Mellor National Promotions and PR by Captain Nikolich, Proposed Introduction of a “TCT” Programme by NATCO Mellor and The Association – Need for Change – Future Directions by Commodore Vosti.

The setting up of an International Directorate of Coast Guard is to be proposed by National Commodore Campbell.
5th April 2009
A national fundraising program is to be organized similar to the successful Victoria Squadron program,

The proposed new Coast Guard Web Site is to be put out for tender.

No applications for Awards were received at this meeting.

Approximately 84 Coast Guard volunteers from Victoria were involved with duties during the devastated Victorian bush fires. Duties included coordination of Coast Guard personnel, assisting at the State’s Integrated Emergency Coordination Centre and delivery of the logistics. The five Coast Guard owned trucks assisted with the delivery of over 400 tons of logistical support across the State of Victoria.

Official opening of the Lake Illawarra Flotilla NF8 building on 18th April 2009. The Port Kembla Flotilla NF14 new 100ft Radio Tower is now in full operation.
15th August 2009
Captain Kris Eriksen stood down as IT Officer and officially handed over to Andrew Hunter.
October 2009
DNACO Frank Robards resigned his position. Commodore Richard Burgess was appointed to this position. Commodore Alex Fowler is the new Gippsland Squadron commodore.
29th/21st November 2009
The National Board meeting was held at Mercure Grosvener Hotel Adelaide. The format of the meeting was changed to commence the meeting on Friday evening followed by an In-camera meeting and continue on Saturday, finishing at 5pm. An informal dinner was held, no speeches or presentations.

NACO Campbell welcomed SCO Fowler, Gippsland Squadron to his first meeting, SCO Burgess to his first meeting as Deputy National Commodore and Deputy
Commodore john Aldridge representing Illawarra Squadron.

Changes have been made to the NTO’s Powerpoint presentation for Elements of Shipboard Safety and a Corporate Licence to use Gandy’s Exams Version 2 has been purchased.

Further discussions are taking place concerning the creation of a single marine rescue organisation.

Consideration is to be given to having a single rank for Commodore where there are duplicate Squadron Commodores or Squadron Training Commodores.

The formation of a National Advisory Group is being considered and a proposal for future structure of the Association is under discussion.

The new Coast Guard Website has been accepted and the quotation submitted on the 6th October 2009 from SVA of $28,805 for the development was accepted.
Gippsland Squadron
All Flotillas in Squadron have only been affiliated with AVCGA for five years and the Squadron is two years old. VF18 Lakes Entrance has completed rebuilding of jetty, retaining wall and launching ramp. Work continues on extensions to the Headquarters building. VF19 Port Albert is awaiting delivery of its new Noosa Cat. VF20 Port Welshpool has re-powered its vessel with 2 x Suzuki 150hp outboards and is undergoing modifications to comply with MSV survey requirements. VF22 Paynsville has taken delivery of a 5 tonne Mitsubishi Canter Crew-cab 4WD.
South Australia Squadron
SAF 10 Port Vincent was donated a 4.5 metre IRB and have purchased an outboard for the vessel SAR11 Kangaroo Island was provided with a 6.8 metre cat and a donation of a Hino 4x4 truck. The “Pedro Warman”, an ex police vessel was commissioned in September. The Flotilla has secured a lease from Kangaroo Island Council for a block of land on which to build their new headquarters. Funding has been gained from the Government for extension and upkeep of the radio network - A new radio base at Port Augusta,, new repeater in SE and extra filters and battery chargers fitted.
Victorian Squadron
A trial operation at Docklands on the Yarra River courtesy of an agreement with City of Melbourne. The object of this operation is the strengthening of relationships with organisations such as Parks Victoria and Port of Melbourne and a greater recognition of Coast Guard.
VF11 Lake Hume
An inland Flotilla based at Lake Hume with its communication centre overlooking the weir and its headquarters at Bonegilla, has formed a Coast Guard Brigade which enables it to fight fires on water and assist Bongilla CFA on routine fires around the weir. In September the Flotilla took possession of its new headquarters, a shared co-location with Bonegilla CFA.
VF17 Portland
Has been in existence for five years, and is situated in the South East corner of Victoria and is a deep water Port, immediate waters once clearing the Port entrance (1KM) is Bass Strait with most assists 30 NM from Portland on the Continental Shelf, which puts water temperature at a very low degree. They operate with a 11.9mt vessel with response time in the order of 15 minutes. The Flotilla has built a communications room , a floating pontoon and security fenced the area. The Flotilla members became members of the Portland Coast Guard Brigade.

Central Queensland Squadron. QF11 Yeppoon commissioned another secondary 7.2m Semi Rigid inflatable “RV McDonalds” Rescue Vessel in October 2009. QF24 Thirsty Sound and QF20 Keppel Sands are refurbishing their vessels.

North Queensland Squadron. QF10 Port Douglas commissioning of their Rescue Vessel “RV Douglas” will be held on 13th February 2010. QF23 Cardwell’s Radio Tower completed and officially opened in November 2009. Funding for two SAREX’s in 2010, Townsville will host one mid April and Port Douglas will host the other in early May.
Sadly a number of Coast Guard members have passed away and information has only recently been received. Commodore Don Harper, Victoria Squadron, (January 2010) Commodore Richard Webb, Victoria,(December 2009) Deputy Commodore Malcolm Olding, QF3 Redcliffe, (November 2009) Commodore Les Swift, past National Commodore, Victoria (May 2008).
  • Life Membership to Arthur Payne, North Queensland and Reg Fehlhaber Central Queensland
  • Substantive Rank – Ron Tyler Deputy SC, Sunshine Coast and Neville Goggi, Commander North Queensland.
  • Distinguished Award – Association – Robert Stubbs SAF1
  • Operations - Arthur Wales QF9
  • Training - Robert Charles King QF14
  • Meritorious Service - Training = Margaret Deguara NF17