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LROCP/Radio Courses

Sandringham Coast Guard conducts regular radio courses for people boating in the Ports, Inland Waters and further afield. The course runs for one night over five weeks from 7pm  —  9pm with the fifth week being the Australian Maritime College exam. Participants receive the Radio Course Manual, as well as course notes and enrolment in the Australian Maritime College examination.

Please call 9598 7003 for more information and to register your interest. Bookings are essential.

Marine Licence Courses

Sandringham Coast Guard is also accredited, (by Transport Safety Victoria), to run Marine Licence Courses for Boat and Personal Water Craft.  These courses are run once a month by professional trainers.

Our Trainers also visit clubs and schools , giving presentations about Coast Guard and what we do.
Please call 9598 7003 for more information and to register your interest. Bookings are essential.

VF12 Sandringham

Flotillas Victoria

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VF12 Sandringham Coast Guard
Jetty Road,
Sandringham VIC 3191

PO Box 2065,
Hampton East, Vic 3188

Phone: (03) 9598 9092
Fax: (03) 9521 0748

Emergency phone: (03) 9598 7003
(24hrs, includes emergency boat rescues)

VF12 at Sandringham is one of the communication hubs for monitoring Victorian Marine Radio Channels.

Frequencies  monitored are:
27mg, VHF, and MF/HF .

VF12 recruits, trains and manages the volunteers who fill the roster of Marine Radio Operators.

The number for assistance 9598 7003 is answered 24/7.

OPEning hours / Radio Monitoring Hours
  • Summer weekends 0700 – 2200
  • Winter weekends 0700 – 2000
  • Weekdays 0700 to 1800
call sign
  • VMR360
Radio Frequencies Monitored
  • VHF: 16, 67, 82, 21 and 20;
  • HF: 2524;
  • 27 MHZ: 88 and 86;
  • VHF 92 (CG Domestic);
  • CFA: (Country Fire Authority)
  • We are a Radio Tower only with no vessels or vehicles.
  • No rescue vessels at this Flotilla.

Never send critical messages or trip sheets via this contact form, these messages may not be read by our volunteers for several days to a week or more.
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Meeting nights: 3rd Thursday of every month at 1900

Training nights: 2nd Wednesday of every month at 1900

Average membership: 30

Public training courses run by the flotilla: Marine Radio Operator and Boat Licence

About Coast Guard Melbourne (VF12 Sandringham)

  • Radio Operations Only at this location.
  • Operates as a Limited Coast Radio Station run entirely by Volunteers two shifts per day.
  • Marine Radio Operators monitor many Marine radio frequencies and initiate assistance for various distress situations ranging from towing broken down boats back to shore, fighting fires on vessels or full Search and Rescue operations involving Coast Guard vessels, Aircraft, Water Police and other Search and Rescue Agencies.
  • Marine Radio Operators may be called at any hour to assist with Search and Rescue operations in the Radio Tower.


  • Regular rostered shifts equal 4,836 per annum, an average of over 13 hours a day. As a voluntary Organisation we are always looking for funding and new members, especially to train as Radio Operators. Age and Gender are no barrier.

To become a Marine Radio Operator:
  • Apply
  • Be accepted as a provisional member after an interview and reference check including a Police Check.
  • Attend and pass the LROCP course (Long Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency) which is held in Sandringham's training room over 5 nights (one a week)
  • Become a regular member after completing 6 duty days,6 training days and 6 Flotilla meetings.
  • Complete the competencies as required for a Radio Operator Search and Rescue centre.

For more information on Joining please call (03) 9598 7003 or register your interest here.