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Tight Lines Fishing Classic Cancelled

The Tight Lines Fishing Classic has been conducted successfully by Coast Guard Yeppoon, with generous support from local sponsors for eight years. Unfortunately the Coast Guard has been forced to cancel the event for 2017, although it may be possible to restore it in future years.

QF11 Marine Assist

Yeppoon Coast Guard is staffed entirely by volunteers to provide a marine search and rescue service. In addition to some State Government funding, we raise our funds from interested members of the public including our Marine Assist Contributors, major sponsors and fund raising events such as the Tight Lines Fishing Classic, Raffles, Bingo, etc.


QF11 Smooth Waters Map

Gladstone, Port Alma and Keppel Bay

Partially Smooth and Smooth Waters


Click here to view the map.


QF11 Safety Equipment

Safety equipment for recreational boats and personal watercraft (PWC)

All equipment must be in good working order, and not past the expiry date for replacement or service (EPIRB, fire extinguisher, flares and inflatable life jackets).

Click here for details of the required safety equipment for recreational boats.


QF11 Public Training Courses

Yeppoon coastguard (QF11) has continued a tradition of presenting public courses. Some are free and for some, a request for payment is made.

The Boat Safety Course was designed to give information to our boating public with information that they might otherwise not find easily. We do not just repeat the standard safety message which would be obtained from the boat licence, but rather items peculiar to our area. This course generally held on the first Saturday of the month and is free. We include:
  • A flare demonstration
  • Knowledge of non-anchoring areas
  • Emergency contact details
  • What to do if you need a tow

QF11 Yeppoon

Flotillas Queensland

Select a contact:

QF11 Yeppoon Coast Guard
22 Anchor Drive,
Rosslyn Bay,
Yeppoon QLD 4703

PO Box 494,
Yeppoon QLD 4703

Phone: (07) 4933 6600
Fax: (07) 4933 6606
Mobile: 0419 794 812

Alternative phone: 0428 794 812

Opening hours / Radio Monitoring Hours
  • 06:00 to 18:00 Daily Friday to Monday
  • 09:00 to 15:00 Tuesday to Thursday
  • Public Holidays 06:00 to 18:00
  • Coastguard Keppel Sands will respond to any radio calls to Coastguard Yeppoon on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 06:00 to 18:00.
call sign
  • VMR411 Coastguard Yeppoon
Radio Frequencies Monitored
  • VHF: 16, 21, 22. Ch 88 Ch86 on 27 MHz
  • MF/HF: 2182, 2524, 4125, 6215, 8291
  • Gormans Removal Rescue 11.1m Kevla Cat with twin 300hp Suzuki Outboards.
  • RV McDonalds 5.8m RIB - 140 hp Suzuki outboard.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4.
  • RMH Rescue 10.5m RIB with twin 350HP Yamaha outboards.


Why should I contact Coast Guard?

  • For your own safety; to check your radio is working
  • To allow Coast Guard to keep a log of your boating activities in case of emergency
  • To ask for weather reports and Notices to Mariners including Shoalwater Bay closures
  • To ask for assistance in the unlikely – but possible – event of trouble.

Call VHF Ch 16 or call 000 or call 112

Cape Capricorn to Island Head Creek 0600 – 1800 daily

  • North of Emu Park – Call on VHF Ch 21
  • South of Emu Park – Call on VHF Ch 22
  • Fitzroy River -- Call on VHF Ch 22
  • 27 MHz radios are not recommended in Keppel Bay and Fitzroy River – numerous radio black spots
  • After Hours Call on VHF Ch 16 for all Emergencies and requests for assistance, Call 000 Emergencies only

North of Island Head Creek 0630 – 2130 daily

  • Call on VHF Ch 81 or Call on VHF Ch 83 (Percy Islands)
  • After Hours Call on VHF Ch 16 for all Emergencies and requests for assistance, Call 000 Emergencies only
  • WARNING: Mobile phone coverage north of Manifold Point is very limited

When do I call for assistance?

  • A breakdown where you cannot get back to shore unaided.
  • Medical assistance beyond your capability or knowledge

What is an emergency?

  • A breakdown where time is critical – sinking, sunset, drifting to rocks or danger, major medical problem

What do I say?

For Assistance

  • "PAN PAN   PAN PAN   PAN PAN Coast Guard (3 times) this is Boat Name (3 times) I need assistance - over."

For Emergency

  • "MAYDAY  MAYDAY  MAYDAY this is Boat Name (3 times) at (position) (Nature of distress) (x POB (persons on board) - over."
  • A Mayday can be given on any channel but VHF Ch 16 has the widest reception
  • Mayday is reserved for life-threatening emergencies

Weather Forecasts broadcast daily:

  • VHF Ch 21
  • 0720, 1210, 1705
  • VHF Ch 81(Thirsty Sound)
  • 0633, 1145, 1645

Never send critical messages or trip sheets via this contact form, these messages may not be read by our volunteers for several days to a week or more.
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