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Redland Bay
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QF7 Redland Bay Coast Guard
Weinam Creek Marina,
9A Messiner Street,
Redland Bay QLD 4165

PO Box 7059,
Redland Bay QLD 4165

Phone: (07) 3206 7777
(Diversion for after hours)

Opening hours / Radio Monitoring Hours
  • Summer weekends 0600 – 1700
  • Winter weekends 0700 – 1700
  • Weekdays closed
  • Public Holidays
call sign
  • VMR447 or "Redland Bay Coast Guard"
Radio Frequencies Monitored
  • VHF: 13, 16, 63, 67, 73, 81, 82
  • 27MHz: 27.88, 27.90
  • MF/HF: 4125
  • CoastGuard71 – 9.8mt Cougar Car powered by twin Suzuki 4-Stroke Suzuki Outboards
  • CoastGuard72 – 5.3mt Niad powered by Mercury 4-Stroke 60Hp Outboard
  • CoastGuard73 – 6mt Swift RIB powered by 2 Suzuki Four Stroke Outboards

Never send critical messages or trip sheets via this contact form, these messages may not be read by our volunteers for several days to a week or more.
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Meeting nights: 2nd Tues of every 2nd Month at 1930.

About Coast Guard Redland Bay – QF 7:

Flotilla services:

  • Bait
  • Ice
  • Drinks
  • Weather
  • LROCP Courses
  • AWQ Courses
  • First Aid & CPR Courses
  • Marine Assist

Public Training Courses & other services run by the flotilla:

  • Marine Radio Operator Certificate of Proficiency
  • Expired flares accepted for disposal
  • Expired EPIRBs and PLBs accepted for disposal
  • 121.5 MHz EPIRBs and PLBs accept that are no longer licensed for use
  • Towing and Local Area Pilotage/Escort available upon request
  • General Marine Safety Information
  • Local Passage Information – Bars and Passages.
  • Radio & Rescue operations and training.
  • Marine radio operators monitor specified marine radio frequencies and co-ordinate various distress situations ranging from towing a broken-down boat back to shore, to a full search and rescue involving coast guard vessels & working closely with water police.

Volunteers Needed

As a voluntary organisation, we're always looking for funding and for new members, especially to train as radio operators. Age Restriction of 18years & over and gender is no barrier to joining.

To become a marine radio operator the process is:

  • Apply
  • Be accepted as a provisional member after an interview and reference check
  • Attend and pass the MROCP course (Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency) which is held at Redland Bay
  • Become a regular member
  • Complete the competencies as required for a Radio Operator.

Weinam Creek Boat Ramp – Sheltered all weather Four-Bay Ramp with council provided parking, bins and toilet block, located immediately besides QF7